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Electrically Heated Hoses

Electrically Heated Hoses
  • Flexible electrically heated hoses, used for the transport of adhesives, pastes, liquids, gases and foodstuff gels where it is necessary to maintain fluid viscosity via a constant temperature.
  • Working temperature range of +30°C to +260°C, special versions up to +350°C, electrically heated hoses are used in all sectors of industry, such as foodstuffs, chemicals, automotive and pharmaceutical where it is necessary to have high quality and highly resistant hoses with an accurate temperature control facility.
  • Constructed around an internal core of PTFE, a material with excellent temperature resistance, that is stable and chemically inert thereby guaranteeing maximum anti-adherence and minimum attrition, it is produced in nominal diameters, and is able to be made in every kind of length and size.
  • The developed structure of the hose cover and the high technology used, enables a safe and well developed product.
  • The wide range of fittings and electrical connectors, enables all technical and production requirements to be met

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