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Anti Vibration Systems

Anti Vibration Systems
  • ATAG supplies the widest range of anti-vibration systems with various characteristics, dimensions, shapes, hardnesses and combinations of rubber and metal sections. Over 1,000,000 are usually available from stock.
  • For specific applications we calculate the relevant dimensions and construction details according to customer's individual requirements.
  • We manufacture standard and special shock insulators for both prototypes and series production volumes and have a capacity of tens of thousand of pieces a day. For other requirements, we supply excellent quality Continental anti-vibration mountings with whom we have been dealing for over 60 years.
  • Our range allows us to supply anti-vibration systems for everything from the tiniest electronic equipment to the largest marine engines.
  • Experience allows us to advise the most suitable feet in order to have the "quietest" machinery, for example anti-vibration mountings for industrial shears, presses or hammers, and also to meet the requirements of moresophisticated markets such as food production or pharmaceuticals.
  • We can also provide PG supports that are particularly suitable for supporting the foundations of very large beating machines.

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